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Creative Culture Change

Jared is a new hire at Triple E Electric Co. The company hired him because of his creative approach with his application package, and the innovative…
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How “Human” is Your Workforce?

Businesses in Canada are facing the biggest talent crisis since the 2008 recession, but unlike then, people are no longer competing for jobs, companies are competing…
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Mentoring – The Greatest Untapped Leadership Resource

Think back to that moment in fifth grade when you stepped out onto the baseball field after having struck out three times, terrified that you would…
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Improve your onboarding to increase retention

As employers are doing their best to adapt to the new labour landscape, retention is a topic that is front of mind for many businesses. Retention…
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Creating Psychological Safety at Work

Psychological Safety at work is increasingly becoming a priority for employers. According to the CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), 1 in 5 Canadians experience…
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Are you setting up new leaders for success?

Jenny is a rock star employee. She is collaborative, decisive, a true self-starter who always over-delivers on the work she produces. Her teammates love her and…
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