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As we move into another Christmas and holiday season, there’s no doubt that many hearts are weary from the impacts of the last two years. While it feels most days like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, many of us are still living with uncertainty that may keep us from moving joyfully into this time of celebration. There are still stresses about what work will look like in the coming year, the ongoing difficulty of staffing shortages for businesses, the losses we have experienced and illnesses we have endured; the ever-changing rules of engagement from the health authority and confusion about what’s right for each individual. Add to that the weather-related calamities of this past year and it has, at times, all felt like too much.

In business, we’ve spent the better part of two years pivoting – responding to what was happening around us, to doing our best for our employees even at times when it felt impossible. If we’re honest, we’ve all had moments when we’re hanging on by a thread. It’s really important to acknowledge those feelings. What you’ve gone through is real and significant. But as we look to a new (and hopefully better) year it’s also important to recognize that in the midst of difficulties, we can find new perspectives. We can choose gratitude for the things that remain good and faithful in our lives, and this leads to resilience and strength in difficult times. The option to pivot – to change perspective – is a privilege.

Across our province there are millions of stories about people overcoming devastating circumstances, about hope and charity in the midst of this trying time in our history; about community and friendship and selflessness and people coming together for the greater good. Our stories  – all of them – are part of a tapestry in our community that represents the good, the difficult, the hopeful, the challenging, the terrible and sometimes even the divine. Each of us has the power to choose how we experience those things and how those choices impact those around us.

As we head into a holiday season that may also feel overwhelming, we encourage you to choose meaningful ways to enter in; to ask yourself how you can bring meaning and joy to others. We encourage you to be kind to yourself – to choose simplicity over chaos and to give yourself permission to do less, so physical and emotional restoration is possible. We encourage you to be thankful for the opportunity to continue pivoting – whether that means doors opening or closing – and for the growth that comes from going through difficult times.

And above all, we encourage you to continue being a supportive, inclusive, compassionate community – in business and in life – because that is what ultimately creates joy, resilience and hope for all of us.

We wish you a healthy, hopeful, and heart-centered holiday season and a prosperous and purposeful new year.

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