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Starting something big and new. Something that impacts your life or work in a major way carries with it a lot of emotion and energy. Whether you’re starting a new business, starting a new process, product or program in your business, starting a new career, or starting out towards a personal or professional goal, you’re going to experience fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and maybe a little bit of “crazy”. But you’re also going to experience exhilaration, excitement, enthusiasm, and adventure. Startings bring with them a wide range of energy drains and adrenaline-driven moments and sometimes both at the same time! But what would life be like without startings?

Starting something new is a risk. You’re taking a blank canvas and determining what you are going to put on it to create the masterpiece that is our business or your life. Will everyone like what they see once you start adding colours and textures to your something new? Probably not. But if you’re true to the vision that got you to take the risk in the first place, it won’t really matter. If you surround yourself with people who support you with honesty and integrity, you’ll have the resources to keep you going after the initial “start burst” is over and you’re 100 miles into the journey.

Startings keep life interesting. They keep our creativity flowing and help us maintain a healthy level of risk-taking that moves us toward greater learning and growth outside our comfort zones.

While startings are exciting, they often carry with them some baggage. Leaving (or ending) something is usually required before you start. Even if you leave a bad job for a new one, there is loss. Loss of collegial relationships, loss of a routine and familiarity, loss of a lovely workspace, loss of what’s known. These losses will impact you in ways you may not realize. No matter what you’re starting, take some time to acknowledge what you are ending, and give yourself time to acknowledge and process any emotions around those losses to give yourself the best chance to succeed in your new beginning.

Have you started something new lately? Maybe it’s time! Take a leap, set some goals and move toward those things that have been on your “I’ll do it someday” list for far too long. Start it today!

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