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Fit over Facts

In today’s labour-short climate there are lots of jobs for people who are looking, but most people don’t want any old job. Skills are important and the…
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Intentional Holidays

You know you’re nearing the end of the year when the reply to almost every “how are you?” is“So busy - I can’t believe it’s almost…
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A New Perspective on Change

A number of years ago I was given a quirky little book by Mac Anderson and Tom Feltenstein called “Change is Good, You Go First”. The…
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Time to Hire in Your Small Business?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the workload in your growing business but paralyzed by the thought of hiring someone to help? I sure have. I…
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Planning for Paradox during the Holiday Season

One thing we know is true – most people love the holidays, but also find them stressful.This is a paradox that resonates with us on a…
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Connecting on a Hybrid Team

What initially had employers shaking their heads at the beginning of COVID (wondering how on earth remote work was going to be possible) is now the…
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Creative Culture Change

Jared is a new hire at Triple E Electric Co. The company hired him because of his creative approach with his application package, and the innovative…
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How “Human” is Your Workforce?

Businesses in Canada are facing the biggest talent crisis since the 2008 recession, but unlike then, people are no longer competing for jobs, companies are competing…
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Mentoring – The Greatest Untapped Leadership Resource

Think back to that moment in fifth grade when you stepped out onto the baseball field after having struck out three times, terrified that you would…
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